Cold-press juice: Trend or here to stay?

We live our lives trying to be the best we can be. Out of the many goals developed through mind, body and soul, health has to be one of the most confusing. This shouldn’t be the case, but nutritional science is an ever-growing and developing field with new studies coming out annually, and trends changing even faster.

Out of the many trends happening, juicing is probably one of the most popular. There are so many locations popping up in Vancouver, B.C. It makes you wonder, what is the deal?! Is juicing a cure for all? We thought we would do the best we could to introduce juicing, with both pros and cons. From here, you can make an educated opinion on whether your next snack should be a cold-press juice (or not)!

“Drinking juice delivers so many vitamins to the bloodstream. It’s like an IV full of nutrients,” says Alex Troll, co-founder of The Juicery Co. This is a great point when considering soil quality, and the decreased mineral absorption over the years. Alex explains that this is an important reason to get the extra boost of nutrients.

Juicing also provides phytonutrients, the antioxidants we require for longevity and a strong immune system. Another consideration with juicing would be for people with digestive issues. Some people consume too many raw foods and actually consume too much fibre, so juicing over smoothies would be a better choice.

On the other side of the coin, the vast majority of people require more fibre in their diet. “I like to make smoothies with our juice, because some people do need that extra bit of fibre and energy,” Alex adds, “there is a time and a place for smoothies and juice, but ideally together.” An important example of a smoothie user over a juicer would be in regards to blood sugar levels. Do you often feel the shakes if you go too long without a meal? A person susceptible to blood sugar spikes and crashes would opt for a smoothie over a cold-press juice, depending on their insulin tolerance.

There are many cold-press juice cleanses hitting the market as well. Is a juice cleanse for you? “People need to do it for the right reasons. It’s not a weight loss tool.” Alex explains that The Juicery has an educated staff on hand, who are all very cautious to guide customers onto a cleanse. She explains that a cleanse isn’t for everybody, but the one day cleanses are the most popular and her personal favourite. “It’s a great restart for the system.”

At the end of the day, juices maxims nourishment and minimize toxicity. If a cleanse doesn’t sound right for you, maybe try trading in that afternoon coffee for a cold-press juice. There are many therapeutic beverages to check out at The Juicery. Be sure to try The Greenist, Tumeric Tonic, Black Velvet or Dad’s Juice, as Alex requests.

We’re all just trying to feel our best and be our happiest self. Why not add a little more colour into your day? Whether its a cold-press juice or a smoothie, getting the extra nutrients in your body will be a sure way to increase your energy and your smile!

Leanne Gerich

Leanne is a Registered Holistic Nutritionist, currently living in Vancouver, BC, Canada. She graduated from the Canadian School of Natural Nutrition in 2011, and is currently completing her doctorate in Traditional Chinese Medicine at the International College of Traditional Chinese Medicine. Leanne’s holistic approach to nutrition is unique for each individual. Passionate about health and more importantly, balance, she creates realistic solutions for optimal living. She truly believes in the power of food, yet the importance of moderation and variety.