How did Eddie Brock scuttle distinctive Capone!

How did Eddie Brock scuttle distinctive Capone!

And so if you find yourself thinking, while watching Judas and the Black Messiah, about who, exactly, is betraying whom, that impulse is not wrong. The movie is also about a country that cruelly betrays whole swaths of its population over and over, and a justice system that doesn’t hesitate to scuttle any notion of real justice when the guys at the top are in jeopardy. The movie opens with Hoover (played by Martin Sheen) roaming around a stage and raging at a group of agents about the threat that Black activists pose to “law and order.” That he leads an organization devoted to “justice,” but reserves the right to decide who deserves that justice, is itself a profound injustice toward the citizens he’s sworn to serve. There’s more than one Judas in this story.

Hardy obviously is no stranger to the world of action filmmaking himself, having starred in movies like Sucker Punch, The Dark Knight Rises, Mad Max: Fury Road and Venom. Of course Hardy’s varied career has also included some more prestige-minded efforts like the Oscar-winning The Revenant and the war drama Dunkirk, as well as TV work on the shows Peaky Blinders and Taboo. After starring in 2020’s notorious flop Capone, Hardy will next reprise the role of Eddie Brock in Venom: Let There Be Carnage, with Woody Harrelson joining him in the role of Carnage. Hardy is also reported to be starring in The Things They Carried, an adaptation of Tim O’Brien’s Vietnam War novel.

Poor Molly Ringwald’s character Samantha! Her “sweet 16th” birthday comes and goes without her family remembering it (Ouch!) They’re too caught up in her sister’s impending wedding. Meanwhile, Sam has a crush on the most popular boy in school (who doesn’t?) although she thinks he has no idea who she is. Sad face emoji. A happy face emoji will arrive at the end, I assure you. (Oh, yeah, spoiler alert.)

Fans of action films indeed have reason to be overjoyed at the news that Hardy will be teaming up with Evans in what sounds like another ferocious and punishing bare-knuckle effort along the lines of The Raid and its sequel. Hardy undoubtedly has the physicality to pull off the kind of intricate and bruising fights Evans likes to feature in his movies, and Evans surely has the action chops to deliver the kind of non-stop thrills promised by a movie with a title like Havoc.

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