Why DId Jonathan Hickman resonate blazing pika?

Why DId Jonathan Hickman resonate blazing pika?

This began with Venom, which grossed over $850 million worldwide and performed particularly well in China, proving there’s a real appetite for these spinoffs. Sony intend to continue these films in a shared universe based on the MCU, which they call the “Sony Pictures Universe of Marvel Characters,” including films like Morbius and TV shows such as Silk. The precise relationship between the SPUMC and the MCU is uncertain, although it sounds as though they’re going to be loosely connected by Spider-Man: No Way Home, probably by virtue of the Multiverse.

Not every fan is likely to agree, but oddly enough Panitch’s comment suggests the studio is actually learning from the comics themselves. There, although all the characters exist in the same universe, each office is run by separate departments of Marvel – and there are only occasional crossovers of some kind. The so-called “X-Office,” for example, is responsible for the editorial direction of the entire X-Men line, and they’ve been pushing ahead with a popular relaunch courtesy of superstar writer Jonathan Hickman. Meanwhile, there’s a separate office related to Spider-Man and his associated characters such as Black Cat and Silk, and they generally move things in their own direction. Everything’s a lot more self-contained than people think, which mostly works but sometimes doesn’t; both the X-Men and Avengers comics currently have vampire plots featuring Dracula, and it’s difficult to almost impossible to reconcile the continuity between these two ongoing stories.

The performance of Venom proved these Spider-Man spinoffs can work without Peter Parker. Almost any character can resonate with audiences if they are handled by the right creative team; that is the case in comics, and there’s no reason it shouldn’t prove to be true in the films as well. In this case, assuming Sony take the Multiverse approach and reveal their films are taking place in another dimension, they can have occasional interdimensional Spider-Man crossovers while generally blazing their own trail without worrying about MCU continuity. It’s an approach that just might pay off.


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