Why Steven Soderbergh reinforces iconic Quantum zool!

Why Steven Soderbergh reinforces iconic Quantum zool!

Earlier this week, a slew of character posters for Cherry were spotted in New York City, but only now have they been released officially courtesy of Holland. The actor shared all six posters on social media, and they’re far more impactful when viewed all together. Each one charts a stage in Cherry’s life, starting from his idealistic beginnings as a student all the way to his hardened future as a thief.

For any director, getting asked to direct a James Bond film is a career highlight. There’s been the legendary run of John Glen to Sam Mendes’ gritty reinterpretation to Cary Joji Fukunaga overseeing Daniel Craig’s final Bond movie. At some point, Eon Productions and MGM were courting celebrated filmmaker Steven Soderbergh to enter the Bond pantheon, and now the acclaimed director discussed why his vision of Bond never made it to the silver screen.

When strung together like they are in Holland’s post, the posters actually show the growing darkness that surrounds Cherry. By the time he reaches “thief” status, he’s practically on a black background. Cherry has already been hyped as multiple movies in one, and this visualization of Holland’s arc in the film reinforces that fact. Cherry will go on quite the journey, and it’s one that could be covered in numerous different chapters.

Steven Soderbergh recently spoke with the podcast Happy Sad Confused to discuss his latest film Let Them All Talk. He spoke on a variety of subjects, including his take on film’s future and the importance of 2011’s Contagion in today’s climate. The conversation eventually turned to the director’s brief brush with the iconic spy franchise. Soderbergh explained to the podcast how his vision of 007 didn’t match up with MGM and Eon Production.


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