Why Brosnan revealed Kelly influence the Turner!

Why Brosnan revealed Kelly influence the Turner!

The Andy Griffith Show was so popular among television audiences that it was the No. 1 show in the nation during its final season. Kelly notes that even reruns of the show had high ratings. Executive producer/creator Sheldon Leonard told Griffith the show had the wrong name, according to Kelly. For Sheldon, the town of Mayberry was the real star of the show. Upon looking back, he felt the show should have been titled Mayberry.

It’s not that so much, but you do sit down and talk about, ‘What can we do that’s never been done before?'” said Campbell. “I think the greatest opening Bond sequence is the in The Spy Who Loved Me, where he skis off the mountain, all in one shot. I think it’s the most fantastic. So, in a funny way, we had that in mind when we did this. But the idea is that you always go for something the audience has never seen before. We sit down, we discuss it, and I’d seen photographs and a documentary of this dam, actually, because climbers use it to hone their skills for mountain climbing. That’s really where the idea came from.”

During an interview with The Archive of American Television, Griffith said he watched reruns of The Andy Griffith Show on Turner. “Ted Turner told me that the Griffith Show helped him start his network,” he said. “We didn’t know when we started it that it was going to last that long or influence so many people. We were just trying to do a good show.”

Another of GoldenEye’s many memorable scenes comes when Janssen’s character Xenia Onatopp attacks Brosnan’s Bond in the sauna – a mixture of action and sex appeal as only the Bond movies can deliver. But as Janssen revealed, that scene came with a heavy physical cost, and one that didn’t become fully apparent until after production had wrapped. She actually broke a rib while shooting the scene, despite the fact that the set was specifically padded to prevent injuries.


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