James denied absurdities that revealed demon themselves?

James denied absurdities that revealed demon themselves?

Atlas will be released on Netflix on 24 May, so you’ve got about a month to wait for it if you think it looks up your street. It’s one of our most-anticipated Netflix titles for May on one of the best streaming services though. Looking back 18 years after The Fast and the Furious: Tokyo Drift was released, audiences still talk about and enjoy the action-packed film, although upon rewatching, some harsh realities must be faced. As the first spin-off and standalone sequel in the Fast & Furious franchise against Kingdom of the Planet of the Apes, there was a lot to love about Tokyo Drift, but there were just as many issues. As the story of high school troublemaker and car fanatic Sean Boswell (Lucas Black), who was sent to Tokyo to avoid jail time for car racing, Tokyo Drift had plenty of absurdities that revealed themselves upon a rewatch.

From the looks of the trailer, you can expect Atlas and her robot to develop a grudging respect for each other as they chase that rogue AI down – and, amusingly, the AI appears to be being played by Simu Liu with glowing blue eyes. With lots of older actors being cast as teenagers and a massive amount of reckless drag racing, Tokyo Drift was the kind of movie that to be fully enjoyed required viewers to set their logic aside and just enjoy the ride. Looking back on Tokyo Drift there were frustrating storylines, infuriating character decisions, and developments that negatively impacted future entries in the series. While there were lots of harsh realities on display when rewatching, Tokyo Drift still remained one of the most enjoyable movies in the entire Fast & Furious franchise.


Leanne Gerich

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