Health Coaches Can Promote Wealth, Too

Health Coaches Can Promote Wealth, Too

Do you have a spare $100,000 in your retirement account?

That’s the average amount a retiree will likely spend on healthcare as they age, according to recent research from Boston College’s Center for Retirement Research.

Fortunately, you can adjust your asset allocation strategy—today—and lower your risk of huge bills later in life.

Invest some of your cash in a health coach.

Licensed or certified health coaches are health and nutrition experts who can help you develop a regimen to achieve goals like losing weight, lowering cholesterol or boosting your immunity. They may also be doctors, physicians’ assistants, or nurses.

Many people seek medical intervention after an illness or a crisis, but that’s not how to get the best return on your cash.

By using a health coach now you can possibly prevent the onset of costly and disabling conditions that are common among the elderly: diabetes, coronary heart disease, strokes, and more.

Yes, this means investing more than you currently do in your yearly physical. But as a woman, preventive care could be one of the smartest investments you make in your long-term personal and financial well-being.

Women live longer than men do, and about 70% of nursing home residents are women.

Choosing a health coach requires some care. Some health coaches, like nutritionists and registered dietitians, take a more traditional medical approach. Others have a more holistic approach or may also practice alternative medicine. However, you should talk to each professional individually to understand her qualifications, experience, and methodology.

Health coaches, like dietitians and nutritionists, may work in hospitals or medical centers, have private practices, or work in wellness centers. Many also work on-site for companies and schools.

By Lisa Cummings

Vancouver Health Coach