Challenges for Employers

Challenges for Employers

The corporate environment is unique and challenging – and forever changing; however there are some fundamentals that remain the same: the need to be productive and effective in reaching your business objectives and the necessity of having great employees to make that a reality. Employers must achieve both of these objectives without damaging the bottom line. As a part of their process, our clients have shared some of the following challenges/desires:

  • Attracting and retaining the best and brightest talent
  • Improving staff productivity
  • Minimizing health care costs
  • Minimizing WCB and extended claims
  • Maintaining a highly motivated staff with good morale
  • Promoting positive mental health and assisting those with mental health issues
  • Reducing stress
  • Building a healthy staff
  • Lowering incidence of heart disease, obesity and diabetes

By offering fitness and wellness programs and services to your staff you can and will address these challenges and see results and the statistics support this claim. A variety of research studies have suggested as much as 70% of health care expenses are associated with preventable conditions. This figure doesn’t include the costs associated with absenteeism, lack of presenteeism and decreased productivity. For many of these conditions, lifestyle changes can make a significant impact – an impact that will save corporations time and money.

According to The Canadian Institute of Stress, stress control programs alone can result in an 18% reduction in absences, 32% reduction in grievances, 52% reduction in disability time, 7% improvement in productivity, and 13% improvement in service quality.

Studies have found, for companies who make the investment for every dollar spent on wellness promotion, they see a return of between $1.15 and $8.00. The Industrial Accident Prevention Association (IAPA) cites the following cases for ROI on fitness and wellness programming:

  • BC Hydro – saved $3 for every $1 spent on a wellness program.
  • Canada Life Insurance – saved $3.43 for every $1 spent on a fitness program.
  • Pillsbury Company – saved $3.63 in health-related costs for every $1 spent on a wellness program.
  • Coors Brewing Company – saved $6.15 for every $1 spent on a fitness program

At Vancouver Health Coach our goal is to understand your challenges and offer a solution designed to suit your budget, needs and work culture that will make a measurable difference to your employees and your bottom line.

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