RESPECT YOUR UNIVERSE, RYU – Media Launch campaign



Respect Your Universe Inc. (RYU) will change the game in the athletic fashion industry with the launch of their athletic technical training apparel and opening of their first flagship store later this year. The brand originated in the US but was moved to Vancouver in 2014 after being purchased by local fashion icon Marcello Leone. After a year spent reimagining and redesigning the brand, RYU was seeking Vancouver’s top health and fitness influencers to help bring brand awareness both during and after the launch.



Partnering with influential blogger and Vancouver based health coach Suzanne Zilkowsky at Vancouver Health Coach, Respect Your Universe, RYU asked Suzanne to attend the Exclusive Media Unveiling for RYU Flagship Store. Known for her vast knowledge of health and expertise in creating brand awareness, Suzanne showcased the media event on her Instagram, Facebook and Twitter accounts, posting highlights and spreading word of RYU’s brand launch.

Applying her expertise in blogger events, Suzanne promoted RYU, Respect Your Universe both pre and post media event coverage.



  • Successful engagement of RYU’s social media followers during the media launch.
  • Provided brand awareness to the RYU flagship store launch.
  • Provided dedicated blog post for Respect Your Universe.
  • Delivered content and imagery for RYU and shared it with Vancouver Health Coach audience and RYU social networks.
  • Landed a dedicated blog post on first page of Google News.