Vancouver Health Coach is excited to announce the launch of its 30-Day Stress Less Challenge! Spend some time every day working on stress management, meditation, yoga, and breathing exercises.

The idea of a stress-free (or even minimally stressful) lifestyle is completely foreign to most of us: According to the American Psychological Association’s recent Stress in America survey, the majority of Americans in every age group report experiencing stress at higher levels than what they believe to be healthy. Unfortunately, we often write off chronic stress as an unavoidable byproduct of our over-scheduled, always-plugged-in lifestyles. In today’s world, we’re told, stress is the “new fat,” work-life balance is a mere “myth” and young people are coming of age as America’s “most-stressed generation.”

In creating a healthy lifestyle, managing stress is just as important as maintaining a nutritious diet, exercising and getting enough rest. So kick-start a de-stressing routine that works for you this November by signing up for the challenge — and share your progress by commenting along with @vancouverhealthcoach

Here’s what we will be offering you!



Cost: $350 (not including tax)





All Health Coaching sessions will be private and with Skype, Phone or Facetime.