What are Kellan Lutz’s Workout Secrets?

What are Kellan Lutz’s Workout Secrets?

kellan-lutz-shirtless2028229While most Twilight fans have been in awe over Taylor Lautner’s physique, there is another actor from the movie that is getting a ton of attention for his ripped body. Recently, Kellan Lutz was interviewed about how he stays so fit and he shares a few of his workout secrets.

Lutz, admits he gets bored easily while working out at the gym and can’t just lift weights without listening to music. He also claims to hate running, although he is often seen out with his dog “Kola”. So what sport, in particular, does Kellan like to sink his teeth into? He loves to swim. Every morning, even when it’s cold outside, Kellan will go for a swim with his dog creating games to make his workouts more interesting.

The actor also wears a calorie counter as often as he can. Even though Lutz says he wears it just for fun, he enjoys seeing how many calories he’s worked off by simply walking around on set or at home.

It’s a motivator, and I encourage everyone to have something in their life to look at so you know that you are doing something”

This 24-year-old hottie also recommends that you should not start a workout if you are not motivated. He further claims that if you’re not enjoying your workouts and your not feeling challenged to push yourself, then the training will not benefit you.


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