Yoga vs. Pilates: The Best Workout For Flexibility

Yoga vs. Pilates: The Best Workout For Flexibility

There has to be amazing reasons why so many individuals choose either take yoga or pilates to get fit, tone up, and even lose a significant amount of weight. After countless attempts with lifting weights, running, and various other workout regiments, many are realizing the ultimate differences between yoga vs. pilates, and how each offer similar yet unique benefits. Certainly a majority of people will prefer to immediately start with the most effective form of exercise for them, instead of wasting time trying and learning just to give it up later. Most are not aware of the differences between the poses, purposes, and most of all, performance of each.

Main Differences and Similarities

Yoga has been popular in the North America for more than 20 years and was originally used in Northern India thousands of years ago. Pilates on the other hand, has no ancient background like yoga and was invented by a man from which it received its name, Mr. Joseph Pilates. This German athlete developed this elaborate fitness system which intended to work the entire body and was not meant to focus on individual areas like traditional workouts at the gym. Reversely, yoga has been practiced for many centuries and is presented more like a lifestyle than a workout regimen. Yoga involves the mind just as much as the body and strives for balance and peace. But aside from purpose, the most distinct difference between the two is what props are required. With yoga, there is a unique mat designed for it but otherwise there are fairly few tools needed. But in terms of the pilates, apparatus from small to large may be utilized to perform a certain exercise. There is much more involved with pilates because of its’ versatile conditioning. Although there are distinct differences of yoga vs. pilates, each physical fitness regimen requires stamina and strong emphasis on deep focus. Another significant area of concentration for both exercises is breathing. Yoga places emphasis on using the nasal passage to inhale and exhale. This process helps to calm and refocus the mind. Pilates requires inhaling through the nose but exhaling through the mouth with intention to stimulate the body.

Most Common Positive Changes

There must be positive changes that result for many individuals who either do yoga or pilates since both fitness regimens are getting more popular. When trying to distinguish yoga vs. pilates, the most important factors to evaluate are the benefits of each. Most people only know that yoga involves inner peace and achieving health while improving the spirit within. Since yoga emulates a lifestyle more than simply pumping iron, the ultimate change is the positive energy and well-balanced mind with the ability to focus. Many individuals have also found yoga to be a great way to detoxify the body and restore lost energy at the same time. Of the two, pilates runs more along the lines of a physical activity than yoga. It focuses mainly on core strength and building endurance throughout the body. Another area of extreme importance with pilates is the process of maintaining good posture and balanced alignment throughout the entire body. Though this form of fitness includes dynamic exercises, the result is not bulky arms and legs but a fitter body all around. Most people prefer pilates to build stamina, increase mobility, and broaden flexibility of the body. Yoga is often intended for relaxation, restoring mental and physical energy, as well as staying healthy. Both pilates and yoga offer routines that increase flexibility but the latter is best known for detoxification and disease prevention.

Deciding Whether Yoga or Pilates is the Best Workout

It can be difficult to decide whether yoga or pilates is the best way to go in terms of working out. Many try one then end up switching to another because of the different benefits. But both yoga and pilates includes a plethora of moves that workout certain areas. The easiest way to choose which one to go with is to evaluate what goals need to be achieved. Yoga is more associated with maintaining a healthy lifestyle while pilates helps build strength and tone muscles throughout the body. The former involves more stretching, breathing, and the poses require and increase flexibility. Pilates can be the best workout for those who are looking to elongate the line of the body and also achieve a leaner build. Both types of exercise offer significant benefits to long term health but yoga includes meditation and positive mental growth. Pilates on the other hand, also offers unique breathing techniques that are helpful for relieving stress. A great way to maximize the positive changes of exercise to mind and body are to combine the two. Instead of debating whether yoga vs. pilates is better, take advantage of the strengthening abilities found in pilates while relaxing and centering focus with yoga.

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