Chiropractic Techniques Help to Lower Blood Pressure?

Chiropractic Techniques Help to Lower Blood Pressure?

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High blood pressure is one of the many symptoms stemming from nerve interference in the neck. Chiropractic patients can experience a significant drop in blood pressure – even after just one adjustment!

The University of Chicago’s Hypertension Centre’s Dr. George Bakris reported back in 2007 that he and his team were astonished by the effects of chiropractic care on patients with high blood pressure. This followed a study, during which Dr. Bakris and his team monitored 25 patients in the early stages of hypertension who received an upper cervical (upper neck) adjustment from a Doctor of Chiropractic, against 25 patients who received a placebo adjustment.

None of the patients took blood pressure medication for eight weeks; their blood pressure was measured at the start of this study period and again at the end.  X-rays were also taken before and after the adjustment to indicate a measurable difference in the position of the vertebrae.

Dr. Bakris said he was shocked to discover that those who received that one adjustment experienced decreases in blood pressure as significant as if they had been taking “not one, but two blood-pressure medications given in combination” without any adverse side-effects.

This study supports what chiropractic techniques have been demonstrating for 150 years – spinal misalignments prevent your body from functioning optimally.  The malfunctions caused by these misalignments can manifest in countless ways, including ear infections, digestive dysfunction, sleep disorders and of course high blood pressure. Hypertension is just one of the many diseases that can improve under chiropractic care!

Vancouver Health Coach