Fighting Erectile Dysfunction with a Stroll Around the Block

Fighting Erectile Dysfunction with a Stroll Around the Block

Fighting Erectile Dysfunction  Fitness Goop Health BlogWith all of the commercials out there about “low T” and magic blue pills, it would be easy to think that erectile dysfunction (ED) is curable only by using plenty of meds. The reality for most men is something quite different. Many of the primary causes of Erectile Dysfunction are preventable. Even better, many of these causes have a treatment method in common with a highly effective Erectile Dysfunction treatment: exercise.

The link between aging and a decreased sex drive is relatively well-known and not entirely unexpected. When low libido turns into genuine Erectile Dysfunction, however, it can’t usually be attributed entirely to getting older. Many men with Erectile Dysfunction may have emotional or physical troubles that cause the problem, not just Erectile Dysfunction alone.

According to Healthline, common causes of ED include depression, relationship problems, stress, cardiovascular disease, diabetes, metabolic syndrome, obesity, excessive alcohol intake, overuse of caffeine or tobacco, prescription medications, and chronic illnesses such as multiple sclerosis.

Treating ED and Its Causes

Even if you have another health condition, chances are that some exercise—just light stretching or a brief stroll, perhaps—will be approved by your doctor. If your health will allow more vigorous exercise, then count your lucky stars. Exercise can be a key treatment for a variety of chronic health conditions as well as for Erectile Dysfunction.

According to the Cleveland Clinic, lifestyle changes can dramatically improve Erectile Dysfunction symptoms. As an added bonus, physical activity can attack causes of Erectile Dysfunction other than the physical by improving body image, reducing stress, improving sleep, increasing confidence, and building lean muscle.

Here are a few ways to ease your way into exercise, provided you have a doctor’s approval:

  • Park further away from the grocery store, office, or restaurant
  • Take the stairs, not the elevator
  • Stretch for ten minutes, morning and night
  • Try tai chi—it’s gentle, simple, and effective
  • Go for a swim—it’s easy on the joints
  • Resistance training with light weights

For men with some experience exercising, aim for more vigorous exercise, such as the following activities:

  • Hiking or biking
  • Jogging
  • Basketball, tennis, volleyball, racquetball, or other net sports
  • Rowing (try the machine at the gym!)

With several sessions of exercise each week, most men will see marked improvement in chronic conditions, weight, energy levels, confidence, and their Erectile Dysfunction. This is because physical activity promotes healthy circulation, a more active metabolism (even at rest), and the production of essential hormones that regulate mood and sex drive. Maintaining an exercise routine, as well as quitting smoking and keeping a handle on stress, can help men beat or avoid conditions such as obesity, diabetes, high cholesterol, high blood pressure, and Erectile Dysfunction. In addition, it can help manage the symptoms of permanent conditions like multiple sclerosis.

So instead of popping a little blue pill, ask your doctor about the root cause of your Erectile Dysfunction. There are some causes that need to be addressed medically, like hypogonadism. If your symptoms could be related to weight, cardiovascular health, or lifestyle choices, work with your healthcare provider to design a treatment regimen that focuses more on getting fit and active than making friends with the pharmacist. Simple changes and a bit of activity can work wonders for Erectile Dysfunction—and for the rest of your body and life. Best of all, it’s free!

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