Benefits of Container Gardening

Benefits of Container Gardening

Do you know that gardening activities can burn 300 to 600 calories per hour depending on the level of work you are doing? It is an ideal form of exercise as it combines strength, endurance and flexibility. It helps in stress reduction, lowers blood pressure and relieves muscle tension. In addition to health benefits, gardening is a creator of beauty, wouldn’t you feel a sense of fulfillment if you are the one creating it?

One way of gardening that’s becoming popular is container gardening. This is an approach to gardening where containers are used in growing plants. It’s easy and simple yet could transform your concrete pavements into a green landscape. It can turn your patios and porches into an array of blooming varieties of annuals and perennials. A patch of green leafy vegetables could be reared in pots lining your path walks for your morning salad.

Container gardening has many additional benefits:

  • Appropriate for any level, beginners welcome.
  • It’s economical. You can utilize any of your used household containers.
  • You do not need a wide open dirt space to have this hobby.
  • You can apply your gardening skills in any space; hallways, porch or wherever. Imagine growing vegetables on a concrete slab? Yes, this is the beauty of container gardening.
  • The pests and diseases that are the bane of gardeners are under control in container gardening. The space where they could cause damage is limited in a small pot. Their mobility on the dirt where they use as cover is not the same in other forms of gardening. Plants that are affected could be immediately segregated from the others to prevent contamination.
  • You can have a full grown garden in just a couple of days.
  • Container gardening is not limited to specific plants. In fact, you can grow almost anything in your containers with all the proper knowledge and patience that a gardener must have.
  • You can have an instant garden. Simply buy the kind of plant you want and once reaching home, you can repot them in your best containers and place them anywhere you desire.
  • You can keep your vegetable garden to a covered location at anytime to save it from cold weather conditions.

After learning most of the benefits of container gardening, how do you begin?

Start by doing some research on what plants you want to cultivate. It’s best to use pictures in order to get ideas of appropriate plant combinations, color schemes and in choosing your containers. Magazines on gardening and the internet provide great references and data on plants and how to raise them.

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