Get Healthy This Fall. Introducing the Vega One Starter Kit

Get Healthy This Fall. Introducing the Vega One Starter Kit

Looking to Get Healthy This Fall Vega One Starter KitAre you looking to get healthy this fall season? Kickstart your health with 5 days of Vega One. Made from natural, plant-based, whole food ingredients, Vega One is packed with the complete foundational nutrition your body needs to build your day on. Each packet in your starter kit contains: 50% daily intake of vitamins and mineral 15 g protein 6 g fiber 1.5 g Omega-3 3 servings of greens Antioxidants Probiotics And all with less than 150 calories! Vega One is dairy, gluten and soy free, and contains no added sugar, artificial flavors, colors or sweeteners. Use as a delicious, nutrient-supplementing addition to your favorite smoothie recipe, or simply shake with water, juice or a non-dairy beverage of your choice. Now’s your chance to try 5 days of French Vanilla, Berry, and Chocolate flavor Vega One for the nutrition you need to thrive—at 15% off.

The Vega One Starter Kit comes with:

  • 50day supply of Vega One
  • Recipe and nutrition tips
  • $5 Coupon towards your first tub of Vega One

Why Vega One?

Vega products are made exclusively from plant-based, whole food ingredients.

Alkaline-forming, plant-based whole foods help build a platform for optimal health

Studies have shown a linkage between an alkaline-forming diet and accelerated growth, development and metabolism1, helping to provide a platform upon which optimal health can be built. In stark contrast to processed food, alkaline-forming foods are nearly exclusively found in the vegetable and fruit groups2 (research has also shown that it is possible to efficiently modify urine pH by diet alone3).

Vega products are alkaline-forming2 and 100% plant-based.

Nutrient density is more important than calories

Once your body is supplied with the nourishment it needs, cravings will cease. Consuming nutrient-dense, whole foods is a healthy way to naturally reduce caloric intake, resulting in the creation of a stronger, leaner body. Vega creates products that are nutrient dense, yet relatively low in calories.

To Order the Vega One Starter Kit – Canada Kickstart your health with the Vega One Starter Kit! Now Only $14.99
To Order the Vega One Starter Kit – USA Kickstart your health with the Vega One Starter Kit! Now Only $14.99

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