Spud Delivers Affordable, Organic Food Right To Your Door

Spud Delivers Affordable, Organic Food Right To Your Door

Spud Delivers Affordable, Organic Food Right To Your DoorCombine a modern day on-the-go lifestyle with the task of grocery shopping for a healthy, well balanced diet and you have what most would consider a stressful situation. This is why it’s no surprise that organic grocery delivery services have become increasingly popular in cities such as Vancouver.

With organic grocery delivery services such as SPUD (a delivery service offered in the lower mainland, Vancouver Island, Calgary and parts of the U.S.) your shopping worries can be put at ease with this service that allows you to choose your items online in a virtual grocery store. Once you have chosen your items, you simply use the online check out to pay. Before confirming your purchase, you’ll be notified of the date your order will arrive based on your region. Your credit card is not billed until the day after you receive your order.

Like any grocery store, SPUD has fresh produce, dairy, bakery, snack, deli, “ready to eat” and meat and seafood “aisles”. Like a traditional grocery store may offer, SPUD advertises weekly specials, a point rewards system and also promotes staff favourites.

In addition to these attractive benefits, SPUD claims that the items being offered for purchase are local and sustainable, two important qualities for the average foodie.

Another feature from SPUD that could be greatly appreciated by the modern day working person is the large recipe selection on the website. The recipes suggested to you are based on the items you’ve chosen. For example, when you click on an item you’d like to purchase, ie.. Coconut oil, about 15 different recipes pop up on your sidebar showing you what you can make with this coconut oil. This is especially useful for the available seasonal fruits or vegetables that one may not have tried before.

I will admit that prior to doing my research I was under the impression that organic grocery delivery services were extremely pricey. I am pleased to share that I’ve changed my views and would absolutely consider using SPUD in the future. Not only is ordering groceries online in the convenience of your home or office a huge time saver, but supporting an independent company with an ethical and sustainable approach is considered highly beneficial in my books. Not to mention the cost of the grocery items are that which you’d find at any organic grocery store (and with the variety of their sales, possibly less.) And the delivery charge? SPUD has no minimum order, however, for FREE delivery, your order must meet a minimum based on your area. The minimum order for free delivery starts at $30. With the cost of gas these days, depending on where you live vs. where you shop, it may in fact end up benefiting your wallet.

For more information, visit www.spud.ca

Vancouver Health Coach