A Man’s Introduction to Yoga: Man Up! Yoga for Men

A Man’s Introduction to Yoga: Man Up! Yoga for Men

yoga for menDo you find yourself reluctant to try an effective way to relax, relieve stress, and stay healthy because there is less hype about yoga for men? This is understandable because in society, men are expected to take on all types of stress without a blink of the eye. Each limit is pushed further away in terms of school, work, family, and friends. Without a healthy way to re-energize, a burnout is likely coming sometime in the near future. Yoga for men can be just as beneficial as it is for women. From strengthening the body to training and refocusing the mind, yoga can be easy to learn and offers a wide array of health benefits.

Physical Benefits and Advantages for Men

Most men workout to build muscles and pump iron but this is only effective for the areas being worked. Traditional exercise routines are split into categories of appropriate size, weight, and which muscles will be worked. For instance, a buff and muscular man will certainly be able to lift heavier weights than one half his size. But within the context of yoga, both men would have equal playing field to learn and improve. More athletes are incorporating this relaxing form of fitness into their routine to help recover from strenuous sports activity. Yoga for men doesn’t mean that it replaces other types of workouts. In fact, practicing yoga has proven effective to relieve sore muscles, decrease stiffness, flush away unnecessary acids, and restore energy to the body. A great physical advantage of yoga for men is that specific poses can stimulate sexuality and enhance performance. By renewing oxygen and blood levels to the sex organ, sexual energy is uplifted and restored. Yoga also helps with improving flexibility and helps to boost cardiovascular activity as well as stamina. The most common misconception about yoga is that it is not intense. A type of yoga called Bikram, is designed for men or women and adds heat to the routine in order to flush out toxins in the system and rejuvenate the immune system. Even men who are accustomed to doing strenuous workout routines will have a lot to benefit from “hot yoga.”

Relaxation and Other Mental Benefits

There certainly are many physical benefits of yoga for men but in addition to that, there are various mental factors that improve as well. Mainly, this ancient practice is built on the philosophy that mind and body are one. This is likely the reason why women are often associated with this form of fitness and men with active and dynamic sports. Ironically, for many centuries, yoga has inspired and benefited many wise men by channeling anger properly. The main focus of yoga is to help clear the mind of daily stresses and pressures. It can also have positive results with concentration and overall focus at work, home, or while playing other sports. The philosophies of yoga not only improve the ability to focus but infuse the strengths of the physical, emotional, and mental factors into one. Many men may also be surprised to discover the great energy surrounding the yoga community. Since serenity is the center of this ancient form of fitness, individuals are calmer and easier to communicate with. A typical gym setting is usually a meeting ground for comparing muscles and inflating egos. Yoga offers a more relaxed and supportive energy for men who often play rough sports, have high stress levels, or simply want to maintain good health.
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Expectations and Evolutions

Most men may be skeptical about yoga because there is little awareness and expectations for so many benefits. A majority may not associate spiritual health with physical aspects and see no contributions. The beauty of yoga is that it offers a plethora of positions that range from relaxing to vigorous. For example, Vinyasa yoga is a more aggressive variety but can do wonders for improving cardiac health and maintaining a healthy blood pressure level. Aside from positions that build strength and endurance, breathing techniques called pranayama help to balance brain activity and drastically reduce anxiety levels from daily pressures. Not many would expect it but even psychiatric problems like depression can be alleviated by practicing yoga. The ultimate proof of yoga’s effects is how it is becoming more popular worldwide. From everyday people to successful male athletes and celebrities, more are practicing yoga. Especially for professional sports players, the rejuvenation and serenity offered by yoga can help to reduce stress and allow for better performance during the next game. Aside from eliminating strain from intense sports, yoga can also maintain a healthy balance of sympathetic and parasympathetic systems. From the time this form of therapy and fitness was created thousands of years ago until present day; yoga has exceeded the expectations of many.

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