Bring Your Own Boot Camp

Bring Your Own Boot Camp

Bring Your Own Boot CampBoot Camp programs are popular this time of year as a means to prepare for the very dreaded BATHING SUIT SEASON. Sure, it’s great if you can convince yourself that this is the Summer you’re not going to allow a few rolls and dimples to ruin your day at the beach. But let’s face it – unless you gave it your best shot before pouring yourself into Spandex (a material obviously woven by Satan’s handmaidens), you’re not going to fully enjoy the warmth of the sun on your Back of Many Creases.

It’s not necessary, however, to hand your money over to some Red Bull fuelled freak of nature who reapplies lip gloss between barking out orders to squat, sprint and clench. Instead, create your own fitness boot camp this Spring with a group of like-minded, masochistic friends. You’ll save money, remain on task and have a lot more laughs.

The key to success behind a boot camp program is that there’s a group of people holding you accountable to show, and someone else is in charge of how hard you work (because, you know you can’t be trusted to that yourself). So organize a group of friends – maybe couples – and commit to meeting a couple times a week to shape up.

Take turns running the show. The person (or couple) in charge of the day’s activities can choose the location and lead the session. A playground, for instance, offers a lot of options for a challenging obstacle course. And don’t worry if you feel ill-equipped to devise an exercise routine, Health and Fitness magazines are bursting at the seams with do-it-yourself circuit training routines this time of year. Just be sure to follow all recommended precautions regarding alignment (such as not allowing your knees to go over 90 degrees while performing lunges or squats).

Be creative, make your friends sweat and have one less roll-induced tan line this Summer!


Vancouver Health Coach