Correct the Underlying Cause of Asthma

Correct the Underlying Cause of Asthma

Correct the Underlying Cause of AsthmaAsthma problems can be corrected, and with lifestyle modifications – they can remain corrected. The most recent statistics compiled by the federal government illustrate that nearly 2.5 million Canadians over the age of 12 suffer from Asthma. The Globe and Mail reports that 75 per cent of those with Asthma also suffer seasonal allergies, which in turn, aggravates the debilitating symptoms.

Asthma is a dysfunction of the body’s breathing apparatus which manifests as chest tightness, wheezing, coughing and shortness of breath. There are two types of Asthma: day-to-day and exercise induced.

With day-to-day Asthma, the body is not able to take in deep breaths and open up the areoles deep in the lungs; thus, the blood becomes deprived of oxygen because it is not exchanged at optimal levels.

Exercise-induced Asthma is caused from expending energy to such a degree that one’s oxygen demands are increased, but the body is unable to respond to this increase by opening the lungs to the degree that more can be exchanged.

Both types of Asthma are managed by inhalers/puffers, but the key word here is managed. These puffers are expected to be used for the duration of an individual’s life. This practice merely masks the symptoms associated with Asthma, but it doesn’t provide a solution to the underlying cause of the attacks.

Anyone who has witnessed a child in the midst of an Asthma attack knows how devastating it is; and according to a study by the John Hopkins School of Public Health, one out of every 14 people will suffer from the condition by 2020. Chiropractor, published author and advocate for children’s health Dr. Ogi Ressel surmises that this increase is the result of weakened immune systems caused by poor nutrition and the high rates at which medication is being prescribed to treat children.

There are many cases of patients correcting their breathing dysfunction through chiropractic, yoga, massage and nutrition. These methods are effective because by correcting underlying nerve system interference, the brain is better able to control the function of the lungs; and addressing postural issues are linked to improved lung capacity.

Individuals who rely on inhalers daily always live with the effect their Asthma is having on their lifestyle – short and shallow breathing, difficulty exercising, lung constriction in cold weather, increased incidence of colds and flu. Those with exercise-induced Asthma only feel the symptoms when they exert or push their body; but the reality is their rate of breathing and oxygen levels are always decreased.

Oxygen is one of the most important elements on which the body relies for survival. If you have sub-optimal breathing levels and oxygen exchange, you can expect a sub-optimal level of health.

By correcting the causes of Asthma – nerve interference and postural impediments – people find that many aspects of their health and well-being will improve.

Vancouver Health Coach