Feel Something in Your Yoga Practice

Feel Something in Your Yoga Practice

Feel-Something-in-Your-Yoga-PracticeI just completed the longest yoga session of my life. It was 52 minutes drawn out into what felt like 52 hours. I was weak and distracted. Each new pose brought with it a new exit point and strategy.

My mind was spilling over with justifications – I had this article to write, after all (though I had no idea what I would write about).

And aren’t we supposed to practice self compassion? When I’m not at my best I should be gentle with myself, no?


I mean, I suppose… within reason. But I refuse to be one of those loopy-doopy yogis who sits half the class out with a dopey smile on my face because I felt a muscle twitch. I realize this might sound harsh; but from the viewpoint of a teacher… it’s ok to feel something during a yoga class!

Now I absolutely encourage students to work within their limits and rest when needed, but please, for the love of God, allow yourself the opportunity to find that limit. One of the beautiful aspects of yoga is that it allows one to practice staying calm and composed in uncomfortable situations so that practice can then be mirrored in the rest of your life.

Your personality comes through loud and clear during your yoga practice. My personality is, obviously, a little rigid and unforgiving when it comes to accepting weakness in myself. But I also think there is something great to be gained by pushing through bad days and getting the job done.

I suppose it’s just like everything else in life… the goal is a balanced approached. If you’re like me, and have difficulty accepting personal limitations, poses provide a stellar medium with which to practice self acceptance. But if you have a tendency to avoid any situation that makes you feel uncomfortable – physically or mentally – asanas can be the perfect tool for learning how to push through resistance.

I feel better for having completed a challenging session.

Vancouver Health Coach