Finding the Right Medium to Experience Yoga

Finding the Right Medium to Experience Yoga

yogaJust as there are many different styles of yoga from which to choose, there are also several ways to learn and experience yoga. It’s important that you find the right medium, and the right teacher within that medium, because that relationship will directly affect the likelihood that you will adopt yoga as a regular practice.

Probably the most popular method with which to experience yoga is by attending public classes. Studios are popping up on every corner so there’s no shortage of choices – Hatha, hot, yin, etc. The benefits of classes are their availability and the powerful feeling that comes over you when you’re part of a group with a single focus. Depending on the size of the class and the teacher, you might or might not get many corrective cues while practicing.

Private yoga sessions are another option – either one-on-one or with a couple of friends. While this option is more costly, the benefits are that you can book the sessions to fit your schedule, learn in the comfort of your own home and have classes customized to fit your personal fitness level and goals.

The most inexpensive and schedule-accommodating choice is a yoga DVD. This gives you the freedom to squeeze in a session in a moment’s notice. And video classes are less intimidating – especially for beginners. There is a downside, however… a video instructor is not going to offer any corrective cues pertaining to your individual practice, and the repetitiveness of the sessions will eventually cause boredom.

Now, of course, regardless of which option you choose above, it’s going to be equally important to find the right teacher to deliver the sessions. Yoga instructors set the tone and ambiance of a session, so you need to find someone whose space you feel is conducive to creating your preferred overall experience.


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