Plank with Chest and Back Series: Exercise of the Week

Plank with Chest and Back Series: Exercise of the Week

In the eighties and nineties we heard the words “six pack” used to describe strong rectus abdominals. In today’s fitness industry, the words core strength is commonly being used, but what does the core really consist of?

Anatomically, the core consists of the muscles in the hips, deeper muscles in the abdominals such as transversus abdominus (TA), multifidus and others surrounding the spine. One of the most important reasons to strengthen your core is because the structural integrity of the body depends on it.

A very efficient method of training called Functional core training challenges the participant in an environment that uses multiplanar movements such as acceleration, deceleration and dynamic stabilization. Just as the human body functions as a unit, not just one muscle acting in isolation, so therefore your workouts should focus on exercises that work all units i.e. agonist, antagonist and synergistic muscles. If you want more of a challenge in your workouts, the Plank with Chest and Back series is a great example of functional core training.

Goal: 1 minutes for plank, 10 push ups, 10 plank rows on each side with good form.

Muscles involved: Pectorals, Triceps, Shoulders, Back and Core.


Tips: Remember to breathe during the hard phase of the series and avoid any strain in your neck. Also remember to keep your core engaged and avoid letting your hips drop below your chest. Have a good workout!

Try the Plank with Chest and Back series and let us know what you think with a comment below.

Vancouver Health Coach