Athletic apparels rarely combine style and functionality; a trend that Respect Your Universe (RYU) seeks to change. The latest global brand is dedicated to manufacturing high quality athletic-tech style apparel aimed at providing athletes and fitness enthusiasts alike, with unmatched design and optimal function. The Vancouver based company essentially strives to combine enduring style, performance innovation and durability in all its accessories to not only make you look stylish but also perform better while at it.

Health and fitness enthusiasts will highly appreciate the versatility entailed by the RYU brand and those looking for motivation to better their lives now have no excuse at all. To begin with, the brand’s wide range of products which include stylish bags and athletic-tech apparel are only made from the best materials such as rare Italian leather for longevity purposes. A lot of input and thought has also been incorporated in the design of every accessory by the brand hence allowing users to not only wear apparel to the gym on a daily basis but also casually if need be.

Beautiful Tough is the DNA that defines Respect Your Universe and the distinguishing factor that simply elevates it from the rest. The mantra is reflected in all its products and as much as one can expect high performance from all its products, the same can be expected as well in regards to elegance, durability and style. Generally, the exclusive brand is focused on becoming the leading fitness apparel manufacturer within the shortest time possible; an achievement that is not only possible, but expected – if the top-notch products are anything to go by.

Respect Your Universe plans on launching its staggering 5,000 sq. ft Vancouver flagship store in the fall and when it does; expect to find some of the most coveted athletes, as well as health and fitness conscious consumers streaming through its doors. Essentially, the brand seeks to outfit people 24/7 and not only athletes as is the norm with most athletic tech apparel companies. This is enhanced by the fact that RYU has managed to manufacture an infinite range of products including stylish bags that can be used on any given day or function, to trending sports gear that can be worn casually on a day out besides the gym of course.

The brand is also a major advocate for healthy living and fitness, championing for the betterment of humanity not only through its products, but also its corporate social responsibilities. In a nutshell, those who value active lifestyles alongside trendy living and fashion will greatly appreciate RYU products to its core. Performance innovation and enduring style is what makes the global athletic-tech apparel manufacturer unique in its own right; meaning when you wear RYU, you can not only expect to perform better, but also look elegant while at it. In conclusion, the products are aimed at outfitting every single person irrespective of his/her social status, background and culture. Expect to find a plethora of durable, high quality athletic-tech apparel and accessories when you visit the RYU store this fall.

Suzanne Zilkowsky

As the founder of Vancouver Health Coach, Suzanne brings a unique blend of experience gained working in the health industry for over 20 years. Her health coaching offers an individualized process to help her clients move forward with a healthier and more balanced life. As a Pioneer in the field of health coaching, Suzanne believes every individual requires support, knowledge, and compassion to achieve great health and wellness.