Treadmill vs. Pavement Running

Treadmill vs. Pavement Running

Running outside is fun and a nice change from the treadmill but requires that we be aware of our surroundings. Some of the benefits of running outdoors are; you can run anywhere, enjoy the scenery, get fresh air, and it’s generally more challenging as you expend more calories. Some prefer to run indoors while others prefer to run outdoors. Some pick where to run based on what’s more fun to them or what they have access to. There are specific differences between running on a treadmill and running out on the pavement.

Here are some of the differences between running on the treadmill compared to running on pavement.

  • The treadmill is easier on your joints as the surface is cushioned for impact.
  • You exert less force on a treadmill as the belt helps to pull your feet back.
  • No resistance to overcome from the natural elements on a treadmill.
  • If running outdoors for the first time, start out slow and progress.
  • If you want to run in an outdoor event, do most of your training outdoors.
  • The motivational benefit of a treadmill is that you can set a course and compete with time to finish it.
  • Outdoor running areas are hard to find for some people
  • More space for your body in the open air as opposed to a smaller frame on a treadmill. Running in such a small space can cause your muscles to tighten up and other long term problems.
  • Your pace slows down outside while treadmill is a forced pace.

Finally, if your goal is weight loss choose the surface you want to run on as long as you are moving. For weight loss perform some form of resistance training circuit/interval style on alternate running days as well.

Vancouver Health Coach