Motivating Yourself To Stick to your Fitness Goals

Motivating Yourself To Stick to your Fitness Goals

Motivating Yourself and Sticking to Your Fitness Routine - CopyPlanning new fitness goals can be exciting and powerful, but sometimes they’re just lip service. Lip service to ourselves that we promise to get back on track once the holidays are over and life returns to normal. Sometimes words are not enough. Stating goals and writing them down are an important part of the equation, however it’s the taking of action that everything truly depends on.

Let’s look at a classic example. You’re health-conscious and have decided to throw caution to the wind over a holiday such as easter, indulging in whichever cookies, or chocolates and fat-laden appetizers that come your way. Although you may find yourself feeling sick or overstuffed at times, after a few consecutive days eating excess fat and sugar your body will get used to the new routine and the treats and lazing around will feel normal.

The more sluggish we become, the less motivated we are to get up and move around, go for a run, or show up at the gym with a bloated belly. Furthermore, in our foggy state we lose clarity around why it’s important to us in the first place. And it becomes easier to reach for the sugar and leftovers in attempt to re-cover our low-energy, rather than make the effort to chop vegetables and prepare healthy meals. All in all, it becomes a slippery slope.

So how to break the cycle? Write down your resolutions. Absolutely. Written goals are powerful….. but that won’t be enough. Sometimes we have to resign ourselves to discomfort, and force ourselves into activity, as sluggish and cozy as we are.

So blast through the fog. Start with just once and commit to 15 minutes of healthful activity, right now. It’s only 15 minutes.

Then come back and decide what you will do for your next 15 minutes.

Force yourself to complete manageable chunks of time engaging in that task. If you feel particularly resistant then promise yourself that once the 15 minutes is done, you can return to whatever you want. The important thing is simply starting. The rest will fall into place once you have mastered the art of pushing yourself through a little discomfort.

When it comes to starting the commitment to your resolutions, don’t think of the bigger picture, the complete overhaul or lifestyle change. Allow yourself a transition period. Changes deserve deliberation and space. For three days, just be present to completing as many 15 minute chunks of activity that are related to your fitness goals. Once you’ve regained your confidence in being able to make healthier choices again, you will access a natural momentum, and you can start working on an achievable game plan for reaching your goals!

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