Mad Hippie Advanced Skin Care: Product Review

Mad Hippie Advanced Skin Care: Product Review

skin careFitness and wellness buffs like me, are usually concerned about the condition of their skin as well as how taughtly it contains the muscles beneath it. But, I don’t want to use something labeled with so many “Contains No:” bulletins that it has no efficacy. There are a few skin care products I have come across lately that conform to my ingredients standards and still do a great job.

Tackling aging skin is a passion of mine. Whatever I pack on my dermis to minimize the damage I did in my past is enticing to me. Mad Hippie sent me their Exfoliating Serum and Face Cream. I had minimal expectations of an “all natural” exfoliator that promised to “shed dull, damaged skin and discoloration to reveal brighter, smoother skin,” but was surprised at the strength this pleasant-smelling serum packed. I had to apply ever other day to avoid irritation, but the combination of acids, fruit stem cells, peptides and a plant-based melanin inhibitor did the trick! Be sure to use lots of sunscreen when using this skin care product!

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The Face Cream is rich, without being heavy and is packed with firmness boosting peptides, natural line fighters, hydrators and anti-oxidants. Its fresh, fruity scent was a delight to my senses. This is great as a night treatment for all skin types or as a day cream for dryer, more mature skins. In combination with the serum, it’s a more natural skin care approach to harsh retinols or injections.

For my personal daytime moisturizer I’ve been using Juice Beauty’s Simply Nourishing Moisturizer from the Alicia Silverstone Collection. As famous for her vegan diet as she is for her acting career, Silverstone collaborated with Juice to create a line of skin care products made with certified organic ingredients that meet her standards. Super lightweight, yet effectively hydrating and scented with aromatic essential oils, this moisturizer even works for my oily skin. I can’t wait to try more products from this line!

I also tried Juice Beauty’s Stem Cellular Repair CC Cream, but disappointingly found it incompatible with my oily skin – even with an oil-control powder on top. CC Creams are edging out BB Creams with their additional added skin care ingredients for evening skin tone, so I was so excited about this product! I mixed both shades available – natural glow and warm glow to create the perfect match for me. This multitasker smells amazingly citrusy and would be great for any other skin type. It offers a beautiful coverage with a radiant finish – great for summer!

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