Bellabaci Cups Product Review

Bellabaci Cups Product Review

Bellabaci Cups Product ReviewCellulite.  The very word sends shivers of loathing through my entire being.  Stubborn, unsightly and truthfully – incurable, cellulite plagues most people on some area of their body.  It can be discouraging as a fitness, health and wellness devotee to still struggle with this cosmetic condition, even when adhering to a healthy diet and exercise program.

Although it is not completely remediable, the look of cellulite can be improved with topical treatments – and I’ve personally tried a lot of them!  I was recently sent the Bellabaci Massage System for the face and body.  Based on Chinese Cupping Therapy, Bellabaci utilizes rubberized cups that you use for self-massage to treat a host of physical ailments like headaches and poor digestion.  The Bellabaci website goes on to claim that the suction from the cups clears toxins, breaks up fat deposits, helps heal scar tissue, stretch marks and even tackles the ultimate challenge – cellulite!

Designed to be used over lubricated skin, you pinch the cup of desired tension strength (each set comes with two tensions – a softer and a harder one) then apply to the skin, release the tension and move over the skin.  The pinch creates the suction called a “Bellabaci kiss” which is a vacuum that is maintained until the seal with the skin is broken.  This can be tricky, as you have to be mindful of two things.  If you keep the cup in place too long it will leave behind a “kiss” which is really an unsightly “hickey” created by the pressure of the suction.  You also must make sure the skin is lubricated properly with oil, shower gel or lotion or the cups will not move in a smooth motion.

Bellabaci says that in just 8 minutes a day, you can improve the look of cellulite!  Ok, that’s a minimal time investment I thought – I’ll give it a shot!  I was mesmerized by the almost immediate results from using the Body Cups.  I moved the Bellabaci cups in a straight line, zig-zag and circular motion just like the instruction video on their site suggests.  I tried using the cups over coconut oil, body butter and targeted cellulite treatments like Clarins Body Lift Cellulite Control.  I found the immediate results were amplified by using the cellulite treatment topical product as the lubrication means.  Getting the hang of creating the suction and maintaining it while moving the Bellabaci cup is challenging, but with practice gets easier.

I also have been loving the Bellabaci facial cups.  Amazing for travel since they require no electricity and are quite small, the cups give the facial skin and muscles an immediate lift and boost in radiance.  I use them over my treatment serum in the evenings and feel they help with product penetration.  I also like to use them over my foundation primer or moisturizer in the morning to prep my skin for makeup.  The cups “plump” the skin and give a more youthful look.  I did notice that my skin broke out shortly after I started using them.  I believe this may due to the suction moving lymph and toxins, stimulating detox.

The only real hang up?  The results are quite temporary. Even with daily use for a month, I did not find the results lasted more than a couple of hours and when my schedule got very busy, I had to forgo my Bellabaci cups altogether and any accumulated results seemed dissipated.  I am going to continue to use the cups as much as I can and hopefully see some longer-term results. Learn more and purchase Bellabaci here:

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