OH, mmmmm: Bringing the Sexy Back Through Yoga

OH, mmmmm: Bringing the Sexy Back Through Yoga

OH, mmmmm Bringing the Sexy Back Through YogaThe relationship between yoga and sex runs much deeper than tiny moisture-wicking briefs and push-up bra tops. Yogis have long honoured sexual expression, pleasure and control within their practice.

The Root Chakra (Muladhara) is one of the seven main energy channels as described in traditional Indian medicine and is located at our base between the genitals and anus. Women can bring sensation to this area performing Kegel exercises (the same muscle movement used to stop urination midstream), and men bring awareness to this area by way of the muscles responsible for controlling ejaculation. Energy flow through the Root Chakra is believed to govern sexuality and a feeling of security.

Yoga asanas (poses) are also an integral component of healthy sexuality. The postures improve one’s body awareness and ability to verbally communicate physical requests of a sexual partner. One becomes comfortable articulating sensations and can hone in on specific body parts more readily.

But there are even more functional reasons to move through yoga poses in preparation for a rapturous romp.

OK, let’s be honest, at the risk of insulting the level of creativity demonstrated by MY past sexual partners…  there are really only two main yoga poses that men need to master for the bedroom: Upward-Facing Dog and Corpse. Enough said.

Women, on the other hand, seem to have a lot more going on and will benefit from practicing an array of poses. Poses that open one’s pelvis and hips, for example, greatly improve a woman’s ability to accommodate gents who are broad in the waist. And butt cramps from extending the gracious welcome can be reduced by such as well. The most obvious choice: Happy Baby pose (Ananda Balasana) or – as it has been called for reasons directly related to our topic at hand – Happy Husband.

And how does one maintain the perfect back arc in any position without having to be carried out on a stretcher post climax? Back bends, back bends, back bends! But be sure to counter with a forward bend once in a while (Plough Pose would be an appreciated choice).

Now, the cre’me de la cre’me asana – and this is primarily for those serious players who don’t want to let joint stiffness impede an extended session… Hero Pose (Virasana). HERO. POSE. Google it, get the visual, rejoice.

What of the handstands and other balancing poses you ask? They’re highly overrated, mainly for aesthetic value and an overuse of energy which could be expended elsewhere. Such as… HERO POSE.

Vancouver Health Coach