Natural Solutions for Stress Relief

Natural Solutions for Stress Relief

Natural Solutions for Stress ReliefIn today’s modern world, many things can cause people to become stressed. Family situations, problems at work, personal finances and more can create anxiety, which may lead to depression if not addressed. People need to find ways to stop stress before it gets to unreasonable levels. Thankfully, there are numerous natural ways to stop stress in its tracks. Many of these options can be done in the privacy and comfort of one’s own home. Most are also budget-friendly. However, a few stress relief techniques may require the expertise of a trained professional.


Massage can be done at many spas and at a majority of chiropractic offices these days. At a professional massage, the masseuse will focus on muscle relaxation and will help rid the body of any knots of tension that have occurred. Massages can be a great time for a person to clear his mind and instead to focus on the pleasant sensations that he is experiencing.

Essential oils

There are a few essential oils that, when inhaled, can significantly decrease stress and anxiety. All that is needed are a few drops of the oil in a prime location such as on the skin or on a tissue or piece of material near one’s nose. Chamomile and sandalwood are great choices for the daytime while lavender can help one get to sleep.


Sleep is vital for the health of the entire body. Sleep refreshes both the mind and the body. However, to be completely refreshed, one must get enough sleep on most if not all of the nights of the week. Most adults need between seven and nine hours of sleep each night.


Exercise helps with stress relief in a couple of ways. Many people feel that their stress leaves them as they focus on working out various parts of their body. A favorite form of exercise for this reason is walking or running in which the person can focus on their surroundings. Exercise also increase the oxygen flow through the body and the brain, leaving the individual mentally and physically rejuvenated.

Epsom Salt

The magnesium in epsom salts helps muscles to relax and stress to decrease. Epsom salts can be added to an entire bath for maximum benefit. Some options also come with other stress-releasing properties, such as lavender.

Deep Breathing

Deep breathing forces a person to concentrate on something other than his problems. Instead, he is focusing on breathing in and out slowly. In addition, deep breathing allows more oxygen to get to the brain, leading to clearer thinking.


Music can put an individual in an entirely new world. Some may prefer music without lyrics, especially orchestration of classical pieces. Others may find that they prefer music with lyrics that help them to sing along and enter into the music.


  • Ginseng, found in teas and drinks and as herbal supplements, is used for stress, adrenal insufficiency and fatigue.
  • Chamomile is especially effective for sleep and is great when taken before bedtime. It is often found as a tea.
  • St. John’s Wort has become quite popular for its function as an anti-depressant and may also lessen feelings of anxiety.


Biofeedback sounds technical but is an easy procedure that can be done in a clinic setting. The individual has sensors placed on his body in various locations; these are hooked to a machine that gives important information to the individual about what is happening in his body. For example, the machine will list heart rate and blood pressure. The individual can use this information to try to control his emotions and his level of stress. As he tries to calm down, the machine will continue to give him feedback about what is happening in his body. Eventually, the individual will be able to sense the changes in his body himself and will be able to address and change his emotions without being hooked to the biofeedback device.

Stress is a part of almost everyone’s life to some extent. However, with some practice and discipline it can be controlled so that it does not control the person’s life. These natural stress-relieving methods are generally simple and effective for most people.

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