Where do Parasites Live?

Where do Parasites Live?

Where do Parasites Live  Fitness Goop Health BlogGuess what is living in your intestines? Parasites.  You may now be wondering what these freaky little creatures are and why are they choosing to set up camp in your body?  You also may have only heard of parasites in infected animals or in foreign countries. However, parasites are around us everyday no matter the conditions.  These microscopic creatures are on the rise due to an increase in international travel, contamination of water and food supply, overuse of chemicals, mercury and prescription antibiotics.

Parasites can negatively effect our health, it’s that simple.  However, getting rid of them is not so easy.  Parasites occur in our body naturally, some sit on our good shoulder, and some sit on our bad shoulder.  When an imbalance forms between the two and a big bad army takes over your intestines- mayday mayday, we have a problem.

It’s safe to say, due to extensive research of parasites in the medical field, that they may be the missing diagnosis in many chronic health problems.  That’s a pretty drastic statement I know, but their effect on your body will come to as a surprise to you too.   Here’s some food for thought: most specialists say in parasitology that at least 40 percent of the worlds population is infected by worms.   Chlorination of water is not enough to kill parasites so your best option is to drink purified water or alkaline water.  If you eat commercial pork products (bacon, ham, hot dogs, cold cuts, etc), beef, chicken, lamb, fish, sushi, then you are most likely sending an open invitation to your body to all parasites (whether you want them or not).  It is said that heating your food at high temperatures will kill most of these parasites, but don’t let that fool you.  That “rule” is an ineffective way to prevent parasite toxicity.   Maybe vegetarianism doesn’t sound too bad now.

Here are some signs and systems in the human body:

  • yellowish face
  • fast heart beat
  • chest pain
  • pain in the navel
  • loss of desire for food
  • eating more than normal but still feeling hungry
  • blurry or unclear vision (especially when bending over or standing up)
  • pain in the back, thighs and shoulders
  • unclear thinking, forgetfulness, lethargy, slow reflexes
  • gas and bloating
  • numb hands
  • burning sensations in the stomach
  • drooling while asleep
  • damp lips at night, dry lips during the day
  • grinding teeth while asleep
  • bed-wetting

Surprised? See, I told you!  Parasites will take over your intestines and wreak havoc on your digestive system and possibly attack already weak parts of your body.  These conditions may be even worse with chronic illness or allergies.

Some effective ways to cleanse yourself of parasites, are to add apple cider vinegar, pumpkin seeds, garlic, swedish bitters, aloe vera juice, and a pro-biotic to your diet.  Other remedies include; psyllium seed and husks powder, grape fruit seed extract, or a simple ParaGone cleanse (Renew Life).  If you are concerned please visit a certified health professional such as a naturopath or nutritionist and stop inviting the parasites to your digestive party!

Vancouver Health Coach