Five Reasons You Have a Bad Personal Trainer

Five Reasons You Have a Bad Personal TrainerIf you’ve gone out of your way to hire a personal trainer it means you’re looking to have a professional teach you how to eat, exercise and help get you in great shape.

Working one-on-one with a trainer is something I recommend to everyone even if it’s just for one session. You can learn a ton of information on proper movement form, which exercises are the best for your goals and what intensity to train at.

Personal training costs more than going to group fitness classes and for the most part you’ll see better results as the training is tailored specifically for your goals and not a whole class. That being said, there are a lot of trainers out there and not all of them are going to be able to help you achieve your goals. So how can you tell when you’ve ended up with a dud? Hopefully this list will help.

1. They show up late often 

Everyone is going to be late from time to time but we’re pro’s so we should have it figured out. If your trainer is late often don’t be shy to ask them if there is a time that works better for them as you’ve noticed they have trouble showing up on time for your session. Also if they do show up late make sure you still get your full hour!

2. They don’t practice what they preach 

If your trainer isn’t healthy and in shape don’t expect them to ever help you get healthy and in shape. I know that sounds harsh but the reality is it’s the truth.

You’re trainer doesn’t have to be in perfect form all year round, but they better look healthy and be in decent shape most of the time.

You would never go see a golf trainer that doesn’t play golf, or a piano teacher that “used to” play piano, so why would you work with a health professional that doesn’t personally have health?

3. They train you using a style that works for them and not one conducive to your specific goals

I see this one all the time. A trainer likes a specific style of training like say Crossfit, so they train every one of their clients using that same system. Even if that style of training goes against what the client’s goals are.

Your trainer should have multiple systems they train their clients with; after all we have to train all types of people with all kinds of goals. Pre and post-natal moms, fashion and fitness models, baby boomers, injured clients, sport specific training and of course general fitness and weight loss clients. You can’t use the same system for all those different types!

If your trainer is a one trick pony and it’s not serving you then it’s time to find someone new.

4. All they talk about is themselves during the session 

You are paying the expensive one-on-one price so you can have someone focus on you for an hour, not so you can listen to someone talk about his or her crap for an hour. If you spend enough time with your trainer there will be some back and forth of what’s going on in each other’s lives, for the most part though this hour is about you!

5. They don’t record anything…weights, bodyweight etc. 

The saying “if you’re not assessing you’re guessing” comes to mind here.

Your trainer should be keeping track of your current bodyweight, what you’ve been eating, how much you’ve been sleeping, what stress you are currently under and definitely be recording what weights you are lifting on a weekly basis!

If they aren’t keeping track of things how do they know if you are progressing?

Final Note: Hopefully as you read through this you realize your trainer is none of these things and you have a newfound respect for awesome your trainer is. If however you read through this and realize they are guilty for most of the above then it’s time to breakup with your trainer! Breaking up with anyone is hard to do but don’t throw away $80 or so an hour with someone who isn’t going to help you achieve your goals!

While there are a lot of bad trainers, there are just as many bad clients out there. My next post will be on how you can tell if you are a bad personal training client or not.

Yes this is a thing…a major thing!

Vancouver Health Coach