Stability Ball Push Up: Exercise of the Week

Stability Ball Push Up: Exercise of the Week

Stability Ball Push Up Exercise of the Week - CopyPushups using the Stability ball make a great exercise even better! By placing the ball underneath your feet adds instability to the pushup, it forces you to engage your core and transfers more weight to your hands increasing the resistance for your chest and shoulders. If you choose to position the ball beneath your hands, this will challenge your shoulder stability. It is important to keep your shoulder blades held down and slightly squeezed together when performing pushups on the ball.

Goal: Hold tension through your core and stay in alignment.

Muscles involved: Pectorals, Triceps, Anterior Deltoid and Lower Abdominals.

Action: Kneel behind the ball and walk your hands forward positioning the ball beneath your shins. Place your hands shoulder width or a slightly wider.

Keep your abs tight to prevent sagging or hyper-extension of your lower back. Inhale, hold then lower your chest to the floor, exhale pushing back up. After your last rep, walk your hands back and come into a kneeling position behind the ball. Aim to keep your reps between 8-10.

Tips: Remember to breathe on the hard phase of the exercise and avoid any strain in your neck and shoulders. When you can complete this exercise with good form for approximately 8-10 repetitions try some of the advanced variations shown in the video.

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