3 Must Haves for Running Outdoors

3 Must Haves for Running Outdoors

Safe + Outdoor RunningEven if the warm summer months have passed, there are many of us who still love to sweat and get dirty outdoors during the damp and colder days. Running outside is fun and a nice change from the treadmill but requires that we be aware of our surroundings. Some of the benefits of running outdoors are; you can run anywhere, enjoy the scenery, get fresh air, and it’s generally more challenging as you expend more calories. Here are a couple of items to help you stay safe while running outside.

The Gear:

Reflective Gear ($10): With less daylight running time, you need gear that makes you visible to drivers or other runners for off road trails. Firefly bands are quite simply, the best reflective bands available. The Firefly Ankle is constructed with neon yellow elastic and a super-reflective 3M Scotchlite reflective stripe. The unique closure system allows the 3M reflective material to wrap around your entire wrist or ankle – an awesome 360 degrees of visibility.


Airdrive Earphones ($60): If you love to listen to your favorite playlist while you run then these earphones are definitely a must have. Most headsets drown out all external noise, but these earphones sit just outside the opening of your ear, so you can hear your music and also are aware of outside noises. They are also waterproof and can take all the sweat you can dish out.

Airdrive E.Phones

Road ID ($20): Meet your new training partner, the Road ID. This sporty little guy is extremely durable and comfortable…never mind the fact that it might save your life someday. Wear it running, cycling, swimming or on any of your adventures. In fact, make a lifestyle statement and wear it all the time. It also has the option to laser engrave your emergency contact information. It comes standard with two 3M reflective stripes to enhance your visibility when training in the dark.  Wear it on your wrist or attach it to your sneaker or jacket, and in case of an emergency, someone will know your name, where you live, and who to call.


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