Avoiding Choking Hazards: Family-First Fitness

Avoiding Choking Hazards: Family-First Fitness

Avoiding Choking Hazards Family-First FitnessSchedules are packed and parents are trying to do the best they can for their children and themselves while facing severe economic restraints. But some choices pertaining to fitness and healthy living are nonsensical; and by making smarter choices for themselves, parents will also be making safer choices for their children.

Health Canada recently put out an advisory to parents regarding the Fisher Price “Little People” toys, as some of the figures produced prior to 1991 present a choking hazard.  While it’s great we have a government that tests and monitors consumer products for our protection, shedding light on the choking hazard posed by a product which has been on the market for two decades highlights two major problems in our society:

Firstly, parents are so accustomed to government intervention and consumer warnings there’s a chance today’s parents will be less discerning when choosing toys for their child because they assume that if a toy is on the market recommended for their child’s age then it has proved safe.

And, secondly, the fact that regulatory agencies have established a need for such close monitoring of children’s toys, namely choking hazards, points to the fact that parents are relying on such toys to entertain their children without supervision to a greater degree than before.

Fitness facilities offer child-minding in order to make it convenient for parents to stop in for a workout. But walking with your child, pushing him or her on a swing or going for a swim together can deliver the same results and you won’t need to rely on other people’s judgment as it pertains to the well-being of your little one.  But if you really appreciate focused strength and toning exercises, have someone come to your home for one-on-one sessions or follow along with a “mommy-and-me” exercise DVD which allows your child to participate.

Get back to the basics – simplify your life, streamline your schedule and implement a fitness routine that does not deduct from the quality time spent with your family!

Vancouver Health Coach