Is Stress Making You Sick?

Is Stress Making You Sick?

Is Stress Making You Sick - CopyStress is the root of many illnesses and bothersome symptoms. Everyone has stress, but it affects us differently. Stimuli (called stressors) cause the stress response to spring into action. Momentary stress can cause temporary tension or nervous energy, such as feeling wired, anxious, or hot. But a prolonged stress response can offset normal body maintenance and leave you weak, tired, or emotionally exhausted.

Managing Your Stress

Your personal stressors and how you respond are unique. You don’t have to avoid your stressors—just use healthy ways to relieve or manage them. Here are a few tips:

  • Be armed with quick and long-term stress relievers to help you repel the effects of stress.
  • Be smart about “hand-to-mouth” responses. If stress makes you eat, then have healthy choices handy. Caffeine and nicotine can also increase stress.
  • Be active to relieve stress quickly and build your immune system.
  • Be rested and make time to relax—even in small chunks.

Nutritional Support Can Help

Each stress response “type” has its own intensity, symptoms, and characteristics. Identifying these can help us recommend targeted nutritional support, such as rehmannia, licorice, polygala, ginseng, holy basil, and other plant extracts. These herbal “adaptogens” can help balance the natural events of the stress response—to help you manage stress better.

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