Review of Alba Botanica Natural Acnedote

Review of Alba Botanica Natural Acnedote

If you are as active as I am, occasional body breakouts are an unavoidable consequence of spending “sweaty-time” each day practicing yoga, spinning, barre-ing, running or whatever your fitness poison may be.  To combat this, I’ve tried a ton of remedies, topicals and body scrubs.  I was using a conventional brand for a while, but natural, organic ingredients and no added parabens or sulfates is really important to me.  This can be challenging though, since I am also sensitive and the essential oils and fragrances in “natural” products can sometimes lead to skin reactivity that results in breakouts too.

So, I searched and searched, but I think I finally found my go to for clear skin, no matter how much I perspire.  I’ve been using Alba Botanica Natural ACNEdote Face and Body Scrub since July with fantastic results.  It’s oil-free, paraben-free, sulfate-free, supercharged with naturally derived salicylic acid to combat breakouts and contains walnut shells for gentle exfoliation.  The grainy yet gentle, black scrub has a refreshing minty scent that is a great way to start to your day or freshen up after a work out.  Your skin will feel tingly and clean, but not tight and dry.

I primarily Alba Botanica Natural Acnedote Face and Body Scrub on my chest and back, but also find it mild enough to use on my face every few days to prevent and treat hormonal acne flare-ups.  It has also totally solved the black heads and clogged pores that were stubbornly omnipresent on my nose and chin.

Check out the online reviews that accompany the product on the Alba site, seems I’m not the only one with these results!  Want to be breakout free too?

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