Health Benefits of Eating Local

Have you ever taken a bite out of a big red strawberry, only to find that the inside is white and it lacks the rich and juicy flavour that you remember as a child? Chances are this strawberry was grown thousands of kilometers from your home.

The main reason for this flavourless phenomenon is that the fruits and vegetables that are shipped from other parts of the world are usually harvested prematurely in order to sustain the long journey around the globe, from farm to plate. When produce is picked before it’s had a chance to fully mature, the nutritional value is greatly diminished.

Fruits and vegetables must stay connected to the plant and roots in order to receive vital nutrients from the soil. When picked early, the nutrient value of your fruits and vegetables suffers greatly – something that you cannot see, feel, taste or smell!

Eating local is one of the best ways to ensure that you are consuming the most nutrient dense foods available. Food that is grown and harvested locally has the opportunity to acquire its maximum nutrient content before it is available to you.

Eating organic takes this concept one step further because organic farming practices honour the traditional wisdom of creating and maintaining nutrient rich soil in addition to reducing your exposure to dangerous chemicals.

Wondering how you can maximize your vitamin and mineral intake to support your overall health? Eat Local!


Crystal Di Domizio

Crystal Di Domizio received her Registered Holistic Nutritionist designation from the Canadian School of Natural Nutrition. Her combined passion for nutrition, pregnancy and birth lead to her continued studies as a Birth Doula. She is the founder of Cultivate Your Health and Living Gluten-Free Community. Crystal’s philosophy towards holistic nutrition and birth is based on the understanding that our bodies have the inborn knowledge and ability to maintain their own health. We can honor our body’s natural wisdom by providing it with the raw materials it needs to work with through whole, unrefined foods. Crystal’s knowledge and expertise enables her to identify the nutritional causes of dis-ease and can help guide you on your path to wellness. She is dedicated to teaching you how to combine the nutritional, physical, emotional and spiritual components of your life to promote healing and well being on all levels.