Exercise to Improve Confidence and Self Esteem

Exercise to Improve Confidence and Self Esteem

If you have ever experienced the heart-thumping, invigorated state of a high-intensity cardio workout, you have likely had that surge of enthusiasm that accompanies blood flow and endorphins. One of the bonuses of having this boost is that your brain accesses a state in which your world feels manageable, and more hopeful. You feel more ‘on top of the world’, and better about yourself. Experiencing an increase in confidence is one of the best pay-offs of exercise.

When we feel good, we see the world through brighter lenses. We tend to feel more confident, excited and more assured. When we hold our bodies upright and strong, this sends signals to the mind that we are proud and confident. We also feel more motivated to complete tasks, which, in turn gives us confidence in our ability to get things done.

Feeling confident can carry into plenty of areas of your life: your interactions with others tend to be more positive, you convey assuredness, you are more willing to try new things, and you are easy to be around. Plus, when you feel good, you look good. People respond well to a confident demeanour.

One way to start your day with power; or to boost your confidence right before a special event is to go for a vigorous workout. You will transform your outlook and your demeanour, and you will carry yourself strongly as a result. Conveying that to others will be naturally attractive and powerful.

Of course, another way in which exercise boosts confidence is that it improves your posture. Walking upright and proud will naturally affect your self-image for the best.

Last but not least, a toned and well-proportioned body that fits into flattering clothing can’t hurt your confidence either!

Vancouver Health Coach