Natures Medicine: The Top 3 Foods for Preventative Health

Natures Medicine: The Top 3 Foods for Preventative Health

The Top 3 Foods for Preventative Health

Preventative health is commonly overlooked in the western world.  It is unfortunate that many wait long into disease to look for nutritional advice.  Food either feeds the disease, or fights it.  We really are what we eat!  Food is digested, absorbed and transformed into every cell of our body.  We need to consider the power we have when choosing our meals.  Can you switch that afternoon coffee to an herbal tea?  There are so many little steps we can take to improve our health.  All it takes is changing small habits.

On the other hand, with so many superfood articles on the market, its hard to know what foods we should consume for the best preventable health.  The following is a simple, yet affective list of foods that should be a staple in everyone’s daily diet.  These foods are not expensive, and can be found at every grocery store.

1. Garlic – Nature’s antibacterial.  Not only is garlic an antibacterial, but it is an antiviral and anti-parasitic herb.  So powerful.  Daily consumption of garlic can protect the body from a vast variety of bugs.  Whenever I feel a cold coming on or a tickle in my throat, I eat raw, chopped garlic (in a spoonful of honey preferred).  It might sound crazy, but in all of my experiences, it works.  Consuming raw garlic is also part of many anti-candida or anti-parasite cleanses.  What a miracle food!  It is constantly overlooked, yet abundantly available.  Garlic promotes circulation in the body and aids in digestion of foods.  It also eliminates toxins and heavy metals out of the body.  Of course, the raw form is best.  But daily consumption in almost any way is still a great step towards preventative health (and better taste!)

2. Lemon – Nature’s cleanser.  Lemon is like an antiseptic for the body.  It is a strong liver cleanser, and it removes the acid in the body to create a more alkaline environment.  Lemon also cleanses the blood! (Smoker’s should take note.)  Have you ever noticed the formation of mucous in your body from, lets say, dairy consumption?  Lemon can help with that!  It can resolve noticeable phlegm from the body, which is why I love drinking lemon water.  It’s refreshing and cooling taste is a great addition to meals or beverages and really never gets old.

3. Ginger – Nature’s anti-inflammatory.  Studies have shown that ginger relieves swelling and pain due to its anti-inflammatory effects.  Not only this, it can soothe stomachache such as gas, bloating and diarrhea.  It is warming in nature, which makes it an aid in the common cold.  Traditionally used with meats or beans, as it aids in the digestion of these proteins.  I love making fresh lemon-ginger tea with a little raw honey.  The flavour is so nourishing on a cold winter’s night.

Preventative health can be simple.  Of course we need to also be mindful of our exercise & stretching, breathing & meditation, and food variety & quality.  But it all boils down to simple habits that create a solid foundation.  By consuming these three foods daily, we give our body the little help it deserves (especially our liver!)  Add garlic, lemon and ginger into your daily routine.  You won’t be sorry!

Vancouver Health Coach