Strength of a Warrior: Warrior II Yoga Pose, Virabhadrasana

Embody the power of Shiva in Warrior II (Virabhadrasana), and meet conflicts in life with the confidence to persevere. Warrior II is a standing, strengthening yoga pose that works the muscles of your lower body while sharpening the will of your mind. While relying upon a strong base in this position, it’s easy to succumb to doubt arising in the mind concerning your own capabilities.

This position becomes uncomfortable – and that’s where the real practice starts. Like a warrior, you need to believe fully in the right of your cause (you), and the capabilities of your army (you), so you’re able to withstand the discomfort that arises in your legs, and the panic that arises in your mind.

Equanimity is a word synonymous with yoga; it is the ability to remain calm, focused and composed in uncomfortable situations. Warrior II trains you during yoga practice to approach stressful situations with equanimity so you can do so throughout all components of your life. We can’t control the events or people around us, but we can decide how we will react.

Unfortunately, however, our reactions don’t appear to be choices, but rather unconscious habitual patterns that see us dwell in places of fear or anger. Warrior II allows you to practice approaching a stressful situation – holding a demanding pose while legs grow weak – while relying on your breath and positive self talk to slow your heart rate and calm the shaking of your legs.

Upon realizing you can remain in Warrior II long after your initial body cues tell you you’ve had enough, your conditioned reaction to the pose will change from a place of stress to a place of equanimity. Eventually that reconditioning will seep into the rest of your universe, and stresses at home, work, etc. will no longer cause a negative conditioned response to arise.


Vancouver Health Coach