Fit Parents: Keeping Fit for Family Life

When you’ve got children what’s better than being able to play with and keep up with them? Better yet, when you’ve got children what is better than being able to do those things without getting out of breath?

Being fit parents and keeping active is so important; not only for a great body, but also for daily life. For new parents you’d want to be able to pick your baby up and carry him or her around with ease. You’ll not only have to carry a baby around, but I’m sure you’ll have a stroller and other luggage as well. Exercise helps with that. You have many options whether you have all the time in the world or no time at all.

Also, whether you are a gym member, or don’t have a gym membership. There are so many exercises you can do at home, outdoors, (who says you have to give up the skateboard or surfboard?) at the desk, or in your hotel room. One great exercise to help with the picking up and carrying, as well as becoming fit parents is the front raise. You can use dumbbells, a medicine ball, any equipment you have at home such as gallon water bottle with sand or you can start with the water (a weight that is manageable where you can still feel resistance).

Front Raise Exercise for soon to be fit parents

  1. Stand with your feet shoulder width apart.
  2. Both arms straight out in front of you holding your equipment.
  3. While your arms are kept extended and straight, raise the equipment over your head and back down to starting position which is about chest level, and extended out.


To your family’s health!


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Natasha Linton

Recognized as "Top Rising Star in Personal Training" by the National Fitness Hall of Fame and Museum, and the creator of Peak 20 Workout which was called a “great total body routine” by the senior fitness editor of FITNESS magazine, Natasha Linton is a New York City based fitness professional certified by the International Sports Sciences Association and holds several other certifications in health & fitness promotion. Natasha’s clients range from high school students to busy executives, from ex Marines to busy moms and from models to actors. Various media outlets such as WPIX Morning News, the Beauty Bean, Vital Juice, Heart & Soul Magazine,, CraveNY have featured Natasha as the fitness expert on a number fitness of topics. Natasha is a contributing writer for OnFitness Magazine and and is a frequent guest on Blog Talk Radio. Also, she has written for the Oxygen cable television network and Sugar & Spice Magazine. Most recently Natasha was named ALO (Air.Land.Ocean) clothing’s Fitness, Health & Wellness Advisor offering fitness tips to their audience through various social media outlets.