Juicery Adventures at Wanderlust Whistler

I was invited by The Juicery Co. to showcase the Wanderlust Whistler Yoga festival through my eyes, ears, and taste buds this past July 30th – August 3rd. After spending two full days of yoga-ing, meeting new friends and drinking cold-pressed juice, I am full of inspired teachings and a contagious feeling of desire for human connection – as well as a greater respect for my own personal growth.

The festival begins late in the week by bringing together a remarkable group of yoga and meditation instructors, musical performers, world-renowned speakers, and chefs for a four-day retreat in the world’s most awe-inspiring natural playground. It offers a line-up of yoga classes like yin yoga and rhythmic vinyasa, but also outdoor activities such as: SUP yoga, hiking, musical concerts and farm-to-table dinners.

What I loved about the festival is that it takes place all over Whistler, most within walking distance. Although I learned throughout the weekend that some classes take longer to get to than others, especially when heading for SUP yoga, or to the “Lookout”. The weather was amazing so I spent lots of time outside, exploring the sights, drinking cold-pressed juice with new friends, and learning new things about myself.

Favourite Moments from Wanderlust Whistler 2015

Carolyn Anne Budgell.  The teacher walks into the dimly lit room and we’re greeted with the most amazing smelling aromatherapy as she spritzes the air around us. Her calm and gentle voice sets the tone for the “Rebel Heart Meditations for the Soul” workshop that represented non-judgment and self-forgiveness before anything else. I learned about a calming pranayama, and various types of “loving-kindness” techniques towards ourselves, and others. Check out her meditation teachings www.carolynannebudgell.com

Shiva Rea.  Before my last class on Saturday afternoon, I had a chance to quickly chat and connect with Shiva Rea, a yoga teacher who has been called “one of the world’s greatest yoga masters.” Her magnetic personality instantly makes you want to take her class, even if it was not in your schedule. Rhythmic Vinyasa – The Power Of Collective Flow was an invitation to observe the healing power of rhythm. I learned to slow down my vinyasa practice and become more aware of the flow on and off my yoga mat.

Free concerts.  In the evening, Wanderlust hosted concerts at Olympic Plaza stage each night. They included the talented music by Michael Franti, “a party in progress” set by the High & Mighty Brass Band, and a jam session with MC Yogi, among others. My hat is off to the Wanderlust festival for giving back to the community of Whistler, as these concerts are free for anyone in the area, so even locals who are not attending Wanderlust classes could still check out the concerts at night.

Cold-pressed Juice.  During the day, my #juiceryadventures allowed me to share some of The Juicery Co.‘s amazing cold-pressed juice with fellow yogi’s between classes. The hot alpine temperatures during the festival made these beverages my must-have to stay hydrated, as well as getting the extra nutrients necessary to reboot my energy for the third yoga class in one day!

I came away from Wanderlust feeling calmer, more knowledgeable, and with a heart expanded more fully than I when I first arrived. I loved my experience at the yoga festival and am very excited to return there again next year to discover what Wanderlust Whistler 2016 has to offer. Namaste!

Photo by Megan Kathleen for Wanderlust Festival.

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