Are You Getting the Fat Loss Results You Want from Weight Machines? Free Weights vs. Weight Machines

Are You Getting the Fat Loss Results You Want from Weight Machines? Free Weights vs. Weight Machines

Are You Getting the Fat Loss Results You Want from Weight MachinesSince the 1970’s the Nautilus machines have been promising awesome results in little time and one body part at a time. And since the 1970’s gym members wanting fat loss results from performing a circuit workout on weight machines have yet to see real results. This is one reason avid gym goers still look the same as they did last year and not any more defined and not any smaller. Weight machines are attractive to gym members because they are easy to use and require little instruction. All you have to do is look at the picture on the machine to see how to sit and move. This is also one reason gyms carry them. They really don’t have to have anyone coach/teach users. Furthermore, our bodies aren’t meant to be divided up for anything. To function properly we must train it as one unit and not many smaller units.

Also, it is impossible to train one body part. For example, the biceps and triceps work together when performing a bicep curl. On any day in the gym one can be seen spotted nicely buckled up in their little seat-belts on the machines and pretty much asleep between each exercise.

The weight machines are not beneficial for function. Training must mimic normal body movement and the activity in which you participate. For example the squat mimics sitting down and standing up, picking something up from the floor and reaching for something. Also, it will not work to first practice on a machine and then move to free weights as the movements are not similar and will not transfer to free weights. Start with free weights and stay there.

Here’s a comparison of free weights and the weight machines that will make you consider not putting your little tush anywhere near those machines, especially if you are training for fat loss.

  • The weight machines don’t allow the body to move as intended rather users are forced to move the way the machine is built and dictates. It is very important to move the body through its full range of motion. For you to be able to forever move as intended.
  • The machines are easy to learn and easy to fall asleep on too.
  • No real strength or fat loss is achieved on these. For fat loss you’ve got to get on your feet and keep moving through the workout.
  • The gyms benefit more by:
  1. Not having to hire educated employees to teach gym members how to use these machines.
  2. Workouts are done in 30 minutes leading to more traffic in the gyms
  • Free weights will make your body perform better.
  • Free weights are great for balance, coordination, and control as all these come into play during any free weight exercise.
  • 100s of exercises can be created with free weights. No reason to ever get bored.
  • One doesn’t have to join the gym to use free weights.

If you are not sure how to weight train with either kettle bells, dumbbells, etc. ask gym staff, get a trainer and do your own research. Stand up and get your move on like you’ve got some life in you. Also, you’ll look much better.

Natasha Linton

Recognized as "Top Rising Star in Personal Training" by the National Fitness Hall of Fame and Museum, and the creator of Peak 20 Workout which was called a “great total body routine” by the senior fitness editor of FITNESS magazine, Natasha Linton is a New York City based fitness professional certified by the International Sports Sciences Association and holds several other certifications in health & fitness promotion. Natasha’s clients range from high school students to busy executives, from ex Marines to busy moms and from models to actors. Various media outlets such as WPIX Morning News, the Beauty Bean, Vital Juice, Heart & Soul Magazine,, CraveNY have featured Natasha as the fitness expert on a number fitness of topics. Natasha is a contributing writer for OnFitness Magazine and and is a frequent guest on Blog Talk Radio. Also, she has written for the Oxygen cable television network and Sugar & Spice Magazine. Most recently Natasha was named ALO (Air.Land.Ocean) clothing’s Fitness, Health & Wellness Advisor offering fitness tips to their audience through various social media outlets.