The Power of Matcha Green Tea: DoMatcha Review

The Power of Matcha Green Tea: DoMatcha Review

The Power of Matcha Green TeaAn infamous superfood known for its high antioxidant content, matcha green tea has gained popularity in recent years, being called for in smoothie recipes, lattes and even baked goods.

Matcha is a ceremonial Japanese powdered green tea, traditionally used by Zen monks to symbolize harmony, purity, tranquility and respect. Matcha comes from the leaf of the tea and has an impressive nutrient profile, containing roughly 15 times the nutrients as a cup of traditional green tea. Matcha is most abundant in vitamins, minerals, chlorophyll and the cancer fighting antioxidant, EGCg (epigallocatechin gallate.) It also contains L-theanine, a mood enhancing, and anxiety soothing amino acid.

While it seems like a sensible idea to include matcha as a staple in your diet, it’s important to consider quality first, so you make sure you’re not missing out on the amazing health benefits!

When it comes to harvesting and processing matcha, ultimate care must be taken. Being exposed to high temperatures will deplete matcha’s enzymes and nutrients and radiation exposure or being treated with pesticides poses other health risks such as cancer.

When searching for a good quality source of matcha, I eventually tried DoMatcha (pronounced “Doh” – meaning way or journey)- and fell in love with it’s smooth, creamy taste. After doing a bit of research, I was pleased to find that DoMatcha takes the processing and preservation of it’s tea very seriously.

Grown in Japan, DoMatcha harvests their tea leaves in the shade and steams the leaves very carefully to prevent the oxidation of living enzymes. The matcha is then stored at zero degrees before being ground between traditional granite stones in to a fine, pure powder. The smooth and rich flavor is present because the stems and veins of the tea leaves are removed, which can create a bitter taste (and unnecessary bulk) if they are left in. DoMatcha green tea also makes the cut when it comes to being free of pesticides, radiation and other chemicals. Each batch of matcha is tested and so are the tins used for packaging.

The high quality of DoMatcha green tea is almost obvious as soon as you open the package. With the finished product being placed in a cute tin can in a small foil package, the delicate matcha powder is protected against oxidation once it leaves the farm. Oxy-packets have also been added to preserve color and freshness – making it an ideal daily drink for optimal health.

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